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Uf Filter Cartridge

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Fuction of filter:1)PPF High quality PP cotton fiber carry on preparing a processing to the running water for getting into filter, in additional to more than 5 microns rusts, sediments in water, suspend substance.,miscellneous quantities etc.Filter area and dirt have reat capacity, Filter efficient.2)Integration sofen filter: Food grade ion exchange resin filer softening the hardness of water, filter out the heavy metal element of human body, such as magnesium, Lead, Arsenic and carcinogenic substances and organic matter reserved ,minerals beneficial to human body, make water sweet and the taste better.3)Mineralized filerBy using 21st centural the most advanced buid-indouble magnetic circuits releases magnetic field intensity in the same moment, make the small molecular group after strong magnetization,Much more steady, orderly arrangement and are of information memory funciton,Tips: apply to municipal tap water.4)Natural medical stone filterHigh quality medical stone consists of more than 25000 kinds of ingredients, They are immersed by water flow through,will release multiple mineral elements into water, make the water rich in Zinc, Silicon, Iron,Manganese, Strontium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Potassium,Sodium and oher 20 basic elements of nutrition, balance the PH value of human boday, Therefore, Medical stone have becomes guarantee for human health safety.5)Hollow fiber ultra filration membrane:Filter finenes is 0.02 micron, Can remove microorganics(bacteria, algae, mould,etc) heat souce in water colloid and macromolecular organic compounds, The filtered water,Can be directly drinking, Mineral water production is to use by ultrafiltration technology.6)The permeability silver antibacterial coconuts shell actived carbon filterUsing coconut shell actived carbones produced under 600℃ high temperature, As its fiter media, are antibacterial and removes odors, make sweet water glycol and drinking water hygiene and safty.7)The Nano high energy ceramic ball filterBy use of natural magic gem(B10),The nano technology was carried out on to the water procesing, adjut the PH value of water.High energy stne activates water far red and outside energy ,in meantime, raise water of the mineral turn a degree, Having a very strong interface function, Make common water become to have high energy of rich small member.8)Negative ion filerIts main function are able to cleaning water, and self cleaning. Precipitate a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body health.

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