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Uhf Antenna Multiplexer

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Shenzhen Chafon Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading uhf antenna multiplexer manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale newest, low price and high-quality uhf antenna multiplexer from us. CF-RRUITMUX is a high performance UHF antenna multiplexer system for networking and distributing UHF RFID antennae for real-time item level assets tracking and management. It also ideal choices for smart shelf, electronic label shelf and other RFID application. FEATURES 1.Self-intellectual property; 2.Work frequency 860~960MHz; 3.Master and slave unit design; 4.All information exchange between master and slave go though RF cable and no extra communication cable needed. 5.Master with 1 RF input connecting reader and 8 RF output ports; 6.Slave with 1 RF input connecting master, 1 RF output for cascading and 8 RF output for antennae; 7.Support 4 level slave cascading; 8.Total 256 antennae supported; 9.Support antenna scanning for its network topology and plug-and-play; 10.Low insertion loss; 11.Low power dissipation design with single +9VDC supply; 12.Support RS232 and TCPIP interface; 13.High reliability design for harsh environment.   MASTER INTERFACE 1.Power Supply DC JACK   No.   Symbol   Comment Central PWR +9V power supply Outer GND Ground 2.Serial Port RS232 (DB9 Female)   No.   Symbol   Comment 1 NC Reserved 2 TXD RS232 serial data output 3 RXD RS232 serial data input 4 NC Reserved 5 GND Ground 6 NC Reserved 7 NC Reserved 8 NC Reserved 9 NC Reserved 3.TCP/IP (10M/100M) Socket RJ45 4.MCX(Female)RF Output OUT1~OUT8 5.SMA (Female) RF Input RFIN 6.Indicator   No.   Symbol   Comment 1 LED1 Working indicator 2 LED2 Power on indicator   Slave Interface 1.MCX RF Input IN 2.MCX RF Cascade Output OUT 3.MCX Antenna Port ANT1~ANT8 4.Working Indicator LED   CHARACTERISTICS 1.     Absolute Maximum Rating   ITEM   SYMBOL   VALUE   UNIT Power Supply VCC 45 V Operating Temp. TOPR -10~+55 ℃ Storage Temp. TSTR -20~+75 ℃   2.     Electrical and Mechanical Specification Under TA=25℃,VCC=+9V unless specified   ITEM   SYMBOL   MIN   TYP   MAX   UNIT Power Supply VCC 7 9 40 V Current Dissipation IC 170 200 300 mA Frequency FREQ 860 960 MHz RF Output Power Pout 36 dBm   * Effective distance depends on protocol, tag and environment. Remark: 1. Specifications are subject to change, please pay attention to our latest one. 2. Shenzhen CHAFON Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.

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