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Uhmw Rod

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Product Description
UHMW rodUltra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene as a new type of engineering plastic,is widely used as machine parts.A spinal rod sleeve system comprises attachment anchors having a plastic (preferably UHMWPE) sleeve which at least partially encircles a spinal rod, so as to allow a vertebra to slide cephalad or caudad along the spinal rod sleeve system. Preferably, said sleeve has a metal backed exterior surface, said rod has a hard outer surface suitable for gliding within said sleeve. The system helps preserve range of motion following spinal surgery.The feature:1.High surface hardness, low abrasion consumption, impact fatigue and shock resistance, low coefficient friction, and self-lubricating, therefore, it is the first material choice for manufacturing gear2. High mechanical strength and rigidity. Although the contraction rate is high, the dimension is stable3. Good dielectric properties, solvent resistance, non-stress cracking, no porosity.4. Torsional resistance, it can be restored to the original shape when removing the external force5. Low water absorption.The application:1. Thermal power:Coal handling, storage of coal and warehousing chute lining.2.Coal processing:Sieve-plate, filter and U-underground coal chute.3. Concrete:Cement raw and finished product silo silo lining.4. Grain:Food storage or chute lining.5. Chemical engineering:Corrosion and wear resistance mechanical parts.Specification:Diameter:40-200mm length:1000mm

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