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Ul Cul Dlc Tuv Listed Led Flood Light 150w 200w 300w

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Product Description
Overview:Low power/ high power LED Flood Lights create bright,Website:http://www.hishine-led.com, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality. Choose from four power levels, and wide and narrow beam distributions, to replace 100-1000watt quartz halogen/metal halide fixtures.Hishine Group LED Flood Lights feature an integral listed driver/ UL Meanwell driver/ OSRAM, potted within a separate compartment, that ensures cool operation and a lifetime exceeding 200,000 hours. These DesignLights Consortium (DLC)-qualified LED fixtures can mount in almost any angle with a yoke-style arm and half-inch NPT threaded nipple. Advantages:1000 watts football field led flood lightRetrofit Your High Power HID/ metal halide fixtures With A Low Energy LEDEliminate Your Maintenance For 10+ YearsSave Up To 80% In Energy CostCan replace any type of Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium High Bay or Low Bay Lighting with a new or retrofit LED light.   Datasheet:1000 watts football field led flood light Item No.HS-FL20W-CHS-FL30W-CHS-FL50W-CHS-FL80W-CHS-FL100W-BHS-FL150W-CHS-FL200W-CPower20W30w50W80W100W150W200WVoltageAC85-265VAC85-265VAC85-265VAC85-265VAC85-265VAC100-277VAC100-277VLED typeBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxBridgeluxLuminous flux2100lm3300lm5700lm9500lm12300lm18000lm24000lmColor temperature2700-7000k2700-7000K2700-7000K2700-7000K2700-7000k2700-7000k2700-7000kCRI>75Ra>75Ra>75Ra>75Ra>75Ra>75Ra>75RaPower factor0.950.950.950.950.950.950.95Frequency50-60Hz50-60Hz50-60Hz50-60Hz50-60Hz50-60Hz50-60HzLife span50000Hs50000Hs50000Hs50000Hs50000Hs50000Hs50000HsBeam angle120°120°120°120°120°120°120° LEDs Lumen Decrease1000 watts football field led flood lightOperating time(hours)Lumen decrease(%)15002~330003~4>50004~5  Application:Park garden and plazaOffice-building  shopping mollRestaurant hotels recreation placesTower place historicalDecoration lightingAdvertisement lighting

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