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ultrafine fine micro milling machine website site company functionProduct DescriptionGrinding disk and classify impeller are both driven by 2 shafts. The speed of classify impeller can be regulated to get different fineness powder. The feeding screw is installed beside the block to feed material into grinding chamber, the speed is also can be regulated to match different material amount.Product AdvantageAfter separated by cyclone separating device, dusty air goes into dust collector, because of the air volume expand suddenly, and the speed drop suddenly, bigger dust drop from dust air to lower cabinet because of its weight. Other dust was out of the filter bags because of such as filter bags’ electrostatic,collision,etc. Purifying air was discharged when the dust out of the filter bags is more and more, the resistance of dust collector is larger and larger. To control the resistance of dust collector is in some range, pulse controller send signal to turn on solenoid valve to jet compressed air to corresponding venture tube (the 1st wind), the venture tube lead several-fold air (the 2nd air) into filter bags to make the filter bags expand suddenly. Because the impact action disappear rapidly, the filter bags shrink rapidly. Above all, expand and shrink are the point to clean the dust cover the filter bags, dropped dust discharge to make the filter bags clean. Working PrincipleThe intracavity of block is cylindrical; it was separated into two parts by a annular plate. The latter half is inlet chamber. The first half is separated to grinding chamber and classify chamber. The grinding chamber is composed of grinding disk and liner, to pounding material to powder. The classify chamber is composed of classify impeller, to separate powder to "reach the mark" and not reach the mark. Discharging pipe will aspirate the "reach the mark" powder. "Not reach the mark" powder will go back to grinding chamber through shunting ring to continue to grinding until it is "reach the mark".Technical ParameterQuick PreviewBearing lubrication adopt MOS2 grease, the added amount is about one third of bearing race, the replace cycle is:Replace the 1st time after working 100 hours;Replace the 2nd time after working another 500hours;Replace after working 1000 hours from the 3rd time.There is a lubricating nipple on the block-axis unit, every 30 hours should be a fuel oil gun.Service1. Our company supply not only the host machine of pulverizer, but also supply complete sets of equipment, even powder project. 2. All kinds of wearing parts is available for replacement. 3. We can also special design and produce products according to your demands.4. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Package & Transportation1. Package products can be transported by both bus and train. It’s not allowed to make big shock or vibration to prevent parts out of shape, lost or damage.2. Storage should be airy, rain-proof and sun-proof. 3. To paint anticorrosion paint if store for a long time.Company InformationShengzhou Xinle Pulverizing Equipments Co., ltdNo.38 Luodong Road, Shanhu District, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 312400 ChinaWebsite: www.xlfensui.com Email: xlfs@xlfensui.com  maggiefromchina@hotmail.com Tel: +86(0)575-83136228 Fax: +86(0)575-83112030 Mobile:+86(0)15968531666

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