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Ultralow Sulphur Expandable Graphite

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Main chemical and physical index: Grade Specification  (Mesh) Expansion  Rate (ml/g) PH Value Volatil  (%) Moisture (%) Carbon Content (%) Particle Size (%) Sulfur Content (%) Expanding Temperature Over Screen Under Screen Ultra-low  Sulfur  Expandable Graphite 32mesh 200-300 3-7 ≤12 ≤1 90-99.5 ≥80 ≤0.02 ≥950℃ 50mesh 200-250 80mesh 150-200 100mesh 100-150 Definition: Expandable flake graphite,Website:http://www.china-graphite.com, also known as intumescent flake graphite, or simply "expandable flake", is a form of intercalated graphite. Intercalation is a process whereby an intercallant material is inserted between the graphene layers of a graphite crystal or particle.This material is manufactured by treating highly crystalline natural flake  graphite with a mixture of sulfuric acid and certain other oxidizing agents which aid in "catalysis" of the sulfate intercalation. Application: The resultant product is a highly intumescent form of graphite that has proven useful in applications that include fire retardants, high performance gaskets, conductive fillers, electromagnetic pulse and radiation shielding, foundry products, fire collars, construction industries,and many others. Packing: 25kgs bags or 1000kgs bulk bags on pallets Delivery Time: Within one month after order signed. Payment terms: T/T prefered. L/C is also accepted. Sample is available anytime for your test.

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