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Ultrathin Baby Pants

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Product Description
Ultrathin Baby PantsFeatures:1. Cloth-like Breathable Backsheet: Soft cottony backsheet immediately disperse frowst and moisture.2. German /Japanese SAP, American Pulp: Imported material makes the cotton core ultra soft, high absorption and natural to baby skin, deeply care to babies.3. Elastic Waist Band: UK Lycra brand can be flexible naturally and well fitting when babies are moving or quiet.  4. 3D -Leak Guard: Well fitting and side leakage-proof.5. Breathable Top-sheet: New instant absorption top sheet by micropore designing that can make baby buns soft.6. Personalized Fit Conforms to Babies' Curves: This is special design for baby’s legs and buns curve, which lessens the rub between legs.7. Wetness Indicator: It will turn into light green when baby urinate, which is more convenient to remind parents to change diaper.8. Cotton Soft Perforation Surface: 360 super absorption with million holes effectively absorb the liquid to keep baby dry.9. Aloe Oil: we extract aloe oil and spread on diaper top sheet,the pure essential effectively avoid diaper rush to baby.10. Ultra thin design but high absorption to keep diaper light and soft,which helps baby to fall to sleep. Advantages of our nappy pants:Super absorbent like a nappy.Super easy to pull on.Super snug and comfy.Protection at night. Up to 12 hours Packing of baby diaper pants:1) Bulk packing.2) Print bag+big poly bag/carton.3) As per customer's requirement.OEM & ODM services are welcomed. Raw materials,SAP & pulp quantities, cartoon designs, packing configurations, etc. are adjustable as per clients requests and market demands.

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