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Under Ground Gold Detector

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Shenzhen XinTaiAn Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the professional China under ground gold detector manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap under ground gold detector from our factory.Model : XTA-450Specification :Carrying convenient, simple operation. This instrument has two kinds of detecting mode, including identification model can distinguish nonferrous metals (gold, silver, copper, lead and tin) and black metal (Iron). Can also be used to detect sand gold, according to the sound of discretion to determine the size of content.Installation :Open packing boxes, there are five components: mainframe box, detection dish, 3 root combination telescopic pole. Assemble the detector is very simple, not need special tools, as long as you follow the following steps:1,took three pillars telescopic stem grouped together.2, remove detection dish, will explore disk with combination telescopic disc-stem connection bolted.3, perpendicular drawing or shorten the pole to the appropriate length and to loosen arm holds a detector, probe and ground a distance of about 1-2 inches. Through the firmness probe to adjust knob probes and ground into parallel position.4, will explore disk into a box on the cable interface. Note: please tempted good plug position, hear the sound, crack and screwed. Do not force in order to avoid damage.Recharge 1. Will charger joint insert host charging jack.2. Will charger and plugged in then charger display lights are red, said host charging. When the display lights turn green, charging that has been finished. This process generally require greater than 6 hours. Note: charging period between, the charger appear becomes hot phenomenon is normal.3. Fast-recharging must be placed + 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ of ventilated place, and must use manufacturers to provide the charger. Use unauthorized charger may cause danger, and would violate this instrument recognition and warranty regulations.4. Suggest instrument for the first time in charge turn green resumed after fully recharges in 2 hours to disconnect the power supply filling.5. When the user use the instrument of metal found when the alarm sound small, please be aware that this is "low power". Please promptly charging before use. If the battery power unused, the main chance automatically reduce charging time.Turns on/off1. Before starting the agent shall check whether correctly inserted disk cables and plugs screw cap hosts are tight.2. Check the connecting cables, link rod is firmly and explore whether appropriate tune disk detecting Angle.3. Boot -- according to this manual behind the specific operation procedure.4 - determine shut off the power supply of main cable, the ability after unplug split all machine partsmemory button MEMOIn the corner of the red button, panel called remembering button. Put it click can start-up device inside the memory circuits remember instruments work environment. For example, the probe in clay soil to the instrument above produce certain signal, and press the button, soil after the signal did not have, in metal objects around is not a button, because after the instrument according to the memory metal signals, meet again metal on exploration not catch it. If holding the button not to put, instrument always have in memory condition, to what signals will not have reaction.In regulating apparatus any knob before, should first press the button, adjusted the memory of relaxation button, instrument, after work, with the change of environment meter index will deviate from zero, press, put a button, pointer returned to zero, throughout the detection process button is pressed always incessantly the TUNER knob TUNERDetect should correctly use the tuner. From the left the tuner knob clockwise, instrument voice from scratch, since the childhood. When sound is just beginning to appear, can barely hear that we needed voices "critical sound". Only accesses the faint "critical sound", instrument only has the highest sensitivity, too loud or no voice would reduce detection effect. In tone "critical sound", must press a button, adjusted after, loosen the button. In instrument using process if "critical sound" gradually increase or decrease the disappear even, just click the button make it restores.sensitivity knob SENSISensitivity knobs can control instruments sensitivity. The knob counterclockwise twist to the end, and the sensitivity of the instrument is minimized, detecting depth will also very small, If the knob to rotate clockwise, sensitivity will gradually improve, twist to the most the right, the most sensitive, detecting depth is the largest also.We use the instrument always hope in a bit deeper exploration, but ten million cannot ignore "mineralization reaction" influence. In "the mineralized reaction" big area, improving the sensitivity will cause false signal after, instrument is everywhere disorderly ring, but less than Ethan things. In that case, it shall take appropriate lowering, in order to reduce the sensitivity of complex formation to the instrument influence. In soil evenly and no sundry place, can move the highest sensitivity, when instrument to achieve maximum detecting depth.

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