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1) High polymer bed pad: featured with high water-absorbing quality. Polymer pad protects patient skin. Patient sweat is absorbed by polymer, so as to keep pad dry and comfortable 2) Pad lined with multilayer and less layer toilet papers: saves cost and prolongs service life. The pad is filled with multi-plicate tissue paper to guarantee high water-absorbing quality and comfort at high temperature 3) Pad containing wood pulp: featured with soft and high water-absorbing quality. It can absorb urine and other body fluid for several times, so as to keep top layer dry. Users are free from urine, other body fluid and excremental material 4) Pads have a complete range of specifications, and the quality is reliable. Any sizes are available with the width less than 80cm and length less than 180cm 5) Thickness is based on customer’s demands size: 60*90cm,60*60cm,75*75,80*180cm,etc. weight: as customer’s request. package: 10pcs/polybag,10bags/ctn

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