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Underpads For Adult Incontinence

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Product Description
Unerpads for adult incontinenceProduct Description:1) Underpad super absorbent layer, fluff fiber mixed with highly absorbent polymers draw in and condense all moisture instantly and sufficiently, preventing from flowing back and leakage.2) Non-woven surface, soft and breathable underpad.3) Underpad with fine vents to prevent from flowing back and keeps the skin dry and comfortable.4) Underpad with print design. No matter in the tissue paper or the PE film,we can print pictures or wetness indicator as your request. Suitable length and width of underpad:Large size underpad is ideal for overnight use and very heavy incontinence and big surgical operation; Extra-large underpad cover the sleeping area for superior bed linen protection.Prevent leakage; keep skin dry, hygiene and comfortable; Protect bed cleanliness and controlodor effectively, Our maximum underpad size can be made in 200x90cm now.Usage:Widely used for hospital bed, infant bed, wheelchair, operating table etc., protect patients, the elder and infants against body fluids contamination.Product Structure:1.Top sheet: Soft Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric2.Absorbent Core: Tissue + Ultra absorbent SAP + imported fluff Pulp                                 3.Back sheet: PE Film  Sizes Available:35*45cm,40*60mm,40*50mm,55*55mm,45*60cm,60*60cm,90*60cm,75*60cm,70*45cm,90*75cm, 150*60cm,160*75cm,180*60cm,200*90cm,etc.Please contact us for more discussion if you need to custom-make your own underpads.

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