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Underpads For Maternity

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Product Description
Unerpads for maternityProduct Description:1)High quality non-woven fabrics as top layer is clean and dry. Cotton fabric feeling and soft.2) The absorbing layer is composed of fuzz pulp coated by tissue and high polymer absorbing resin. High polymer absorbing resin can absorb liquid 150 times larger than its volume.3) The bottom film is high quality flow casting film, never leaking water. It effectively prevents clothing dirty due to liquid spilling and penetrating, and keeps the place around dry and clean.4) Capable of absorbing urine and other liquid for many times, so as to keep pad surface dry and comfortable.Sizes and Packing:sizespackingcarton size(cm)underpad30x45cm-20g10pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn42x25x4230x45cm-30g10pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn42x25x6245x45cm-20g10pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn46x31x3245x45cm-30g10pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn46x31x4545x60cm-30g15pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn42x22x4860x60cm-40g15pcs/bag,10bags/ctn50x22x2860x60cm-50g15pcs/bag,10bags/ctn58x22x2860x60cm-60g15pcs/bag,10bags/ctn66x22x2860x90cm-50g15pcs/bag,10bags/ctn48x22x4260x90cm-60g15pcs/bag,10bags/ctn56x22x4260x90cm-70g10pcs/bag,15bags/ctn62x22x4260x90cm-80g10pcs/bag,15bags/ctn70x22x4260x90cm-90g10pcs/bag,15bags/ctn78x22x4260x90cm-110g10pcs/bag,10bags/ctn64x22x42180x80cm(inner60x75cm)-100g10pcs/bag,10bags/ctn45x28x57Suitable length and width of underpad:Disposable underpads help protect your linens, mattress, and furniture from incontinence. Available in different sizes, the disposable underpads feature a quilted mat for enhanced fluid dispersion, soft interior liner that does not irritate skin and a smooth outer barrier that assists when re-positioning or transferring patients.Usage:Widely used for post-maternity, hospital bed, infant bed, wheelchair, operating table etc., protect patients, the elder and infants against body fluids contamination.Product Structure:1.Top sheet: Soft Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric2.Absorbent Core: Tissue + Ultra absorbent SAP + imported fluff Pulp                                 3.Back sheet: PE Film  Sizes Available:35*45cm,40*60mm,40*50mm,55*55mm,45*60cm,60*60cm,90*60cm,75*60cm,70*45cm,90*75cm, 150*60cm,160*75cm,180*60cm,200*90cm,etc.Please contact us for more discussion if you need to custom-make your own underpads.

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