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UnPrint Capsule★ Natured-raw material,Website:http://www.yxcaps.com, low quantity of heat and no pollution★ Slight individual difference, good quality stability and quick and steady disintegrating★ No cross-linking reaction and wide application★ No toxicity with function of being safe and healthyPulluan capsule, different from traditional animal capsule conforms to the current consumers in celebration of the nature. It takes starch or carbohydrate as raw materials, through microbe fermentation producing external cell pure natural high polymer polysaccharide product. This polysaccharide is easy to be dissolved in water, which is safe, of no toxicity, edible, low calorific value; It also has the function of good plasticity, good film forming characteristics, good vapor barrier of thin film, which is used in packing and has the efficacy of color-preservation, fragrance preservation, vegetable-keeping, anti-oxidation. It is widely used in cosmetics, machine, and food industry. Besides, it can be degraded and used by machine in the natural and can not lead to environmental pollution, which has the merit that other products can not replace it during application. The product is maltose and pentose under the captions of human body digestive enzyme, which has the physiological function of stimulating the growth of bifid bacterium in intestines and makes this product, can be taken as low calorific value food and health care food for diabetic and obesity patients. If it cooperates with bifid bacterium active vaccine preparation, it would have increasing effectiveness function, and obtain health and care effect.Color of CapsuleThe full automatic intelligent color matching system can use synthetic, natural, ferric oxide and other pigments to make hollow capsules of different colors. The colors of YUEXI come from the following sources:Natural food pigment: Pigment extracted directly from animal and plant raw materials through certain techniques.Features: No harms to human bodies, some even are beneficial supplements to human bodies.Application scopes: All products, especial for plant hollow capsules.Synthetic food pigment: Artificial synthesis, coming from the aniline dye segregated from tar.Features: Bright, strong tinting strength, a variety of hues and low cost.Application scopes: Large-mass, continuous production, ensuring the uniformity of colors and widespread application.Pigment of ferric oxide: Natural minerals.Features: Good dispersity; excellent light and heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and solvent resistance; Good pigmentation rate, without pigment bleeding and color mobility.Application scopes: All products.

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