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Upower ÀÑÍ-1500

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Indications of measuring devices: entrance/output tension Indicators: network, protection, delay the low-voltage is sewn up - is Management: the microprocessor Overall dimensions (stabilizer): 250õ150õ185 the high-voltage is sewn up - is Switching time: 4ìñ high-temperature protection - is protection against an overload - is protection against high current - is Stabilizer weight: 3,9 kg Overall dimensions (box): 300õ195õ230 Capacity: 1500 BA working temperature: -30 °C … +40 °C Stabilization accuracy: 6% Protection existence: Model: ASN-1500 Limit entrance tension: 120-280 volts Rated entrance voltage: 140-260 volts Delay button: 6 or 180 seconds Transformer: the toroidal Output tension: 220B Compliance to standards: CE, EN60950, EN55026

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Upower ÀÑÍ-1500
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