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U.s. Titanium Casting

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U.S. Titanium Casting

GR2, GR5(Ti-6Al-4V) etc.

ASTM B367 , BMS 7-310, BMS 7-310, ASME SB367, etc.


Lost-wax Investment casting, Lost-foam investment casting, which are capable of complicated shapes and small features, high precision and good surfaces.

Equipment: wax injection machines, desiccant rooms, dewax machines, vacuum mel towers, sinter kiln and Ultrasonic Inspection Machines etc.

SIZE : As Per clients, drawings and requirements , From 5g to 30kg.

PROCESS: Wax Injecting, Slurrying , Dewaxing , Sintering, Casting and Furbishing.

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U.s. Titanium Industry Inc.
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