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Usti Titanium Forging,titanium Casting,titanium Stamping,machining Parts

Product Description

Titanium Forging

U.S. Titanium is a professional manufacturer and supplier located in the United States, who can provide products such as titanium & titanium alloy, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, hafnium and other high performance metals.

GR1, GR2, GR5, 304, 316 etc.

According to drawing or sample.

U.S. Titanium supply titanium forging such as: titanium ring; titanium disc; titanium flange; titanium shaft etc

Standard: As Per ASTM B381

Material: GR1,GR2, GR5

Size: As per Request


Titanium Casting

GR2, GR5(Ti-6Al-4V) etc.

ASTM B367 , BMS 7-310, BMS 7-310, ASME SB367, etc.


Lost-wax Investment casting, Lost-foam investment casting, which are capable of complicated shapes and small features, high precision and good surfaces.

Equipment: wax injection machines, desiccant rooms, dewax machines, vacuum mel towers, sinter kiln and Ultrasonic Inspection Machines etc.

SIZE : As Per clients, drawings and requirements , From 5g to 30kg.

PROCESS: Wax Injecting, Slurrying , Dewaxing , Sintering, Casting and Furbishing.


Titanium Stamping

In addition U.S. Titanium has formed powerfully strategic partnership agreements with globally renowned titanium industry enterprises so that U.S. Titanium has incomparable advantages to provide the highest quality of titanium products, timely delivery, unlimited contract volume at a competitive price.

We manufacture Titanium Stamping:

Grade: GR2, GR5 (Ti6Al4V)

Size:According to drawing or sample


Titanium Machining Part

According to Drawing or Sample

GR2, GR5(Ti-6Al-4V), GR7, GR12 etc.

According to Drawing


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