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Uv Ge Series

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Product Description
UV GE SERIES GE series is an all purpose UV ink with varied applications such as,Website:http://www.huadainkchem.es, non-absorbent substrates like PET, treated aluminum-laminated paper, PVC films, synthetic paper, PE and PP films, as well as paper. It is suitable for both films and paper. Further, it is widely used in printing of labels (stickers) used for electric appliances, office equipments and auto parts where strong film is required.FEATURES・Wide application for varied substrates・Offers excellent balance of drying property and adhesion.Suitable for paper, foil, and plastic labels.・Offers good adhesion to non-absorbent substrates like PP, PE, PET,   PVC, treated aluminum-laminated and synthetic papers. ・Post printing processes, such as overcoating (top coat), foil stamping, laminating, etc., are possible by selecting appropriate conditions.

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