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Uv307 Reverse Coating Varnish(rub Resistance)

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Guangzhou Ayusiink Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China uv307 reverse coating varnish(rub resistance) manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Welcome to wholesale uv307 reverse coating varnish(rub resistance) from us.1.Applicable scope:Be applicable to the UV curing device of roller coating machine, flexo coating machine, rubber blanket roller coating machine and partial paper coating and others different types of UV varnish coating. Mainly used in coating the paper products printed with UV printing ink.Specially, using with the UV reverse base inks can make the matte printing effect.2. Features1. Good flexibility, using with 5001 reverse base inks can make the matte effect is much fine.2. Excellent performance of rub resistance and surface smoothness.3. The printing product can not be gold stamping.4. Good adhesion ,After drying, ink skin has good adhesion, good flexibility, not easy to fracture.5. After drying, the varnish is much more transparent.3.Technical indexMain components: light curable polyurethane resin, modified epoxy acrylic resin, light initiator, active diluent, additivesAppearance: yellowish to pale yellow liquidodor: little odor of solventGlossiness:80-85° (60o ASTM) , Use the 0# bar to scrape on white cardboard and test after curing.                 viscosity:45-55s(No. 4 cup,winter 25℃;summer 30℃)     4.Using method1. Before using this UV 307 varnish, should stir it well, put it into the groove directly without adding any solvent. If  offline coating and in case of papers stick to the rollers when using thin papers, or the varnish viscosity is too high when low temperature, then should heat the UV varnish to 40 to 45℃; another method is adding alcohol or isopropanol to dilute it.2. The glossiness performance is closely related to the paper surface planeness, coating method and coating thickness etc. suggestion is 4~6ɡ/㎡, if need Antiknock performance, suggest to use base inks(oil-based),and add the coating weight to 6~8g/㎡ on the base inks and surface varnish moderately.3. Specially, using with the UV reverse base inks can make the matte printing effect.5.Attentions:   1. Note that the speed should be suitable according to the UV lamp's power and the use of time to avoid the UV curing is not completely and caused the bad situation of papers stick to anther; Suggested curing conditions:40-80m/min,80-120w/cm mercury lamp 2-3 pcs;power 50-120mJ/c㎡。2. If needing to be covered with plastic film, gold stamping, etc. it should be tested during the processing, select the appropriate glue film and foil material and confirm the processing conditions are workable. Please use UV printing ink for base ink printing, if the other type of ink, please test the adhesion is ok or not; if necessary, should be processed with UV base inks.3. In the process of using UV, it is suggested that cleaning the dust and inks or other sediment in the inks tank regularly.4. To avoid contact with the skin directly, if contact with skin, please wash with soap and water.5. If the printed paper is made with reflex blue, pink or other sensitive ink color, please test UV varnish that it can change the inks color or not.6. Dedicated ink roller cleaning agent or the isopropanol is suggested to be used as the cleaning agent.7. Because of the absorption of ultraviolet light, the dark color inks’ curing time should be prolonged, and the speed of the transfer should be set more slowly.8. If you want to have the smaller matte effect, it is suggested to coat with 120 lines roller and 5001 reverse base varnish, then you will get a better effect. If you want to have the bigger matte effect, it is suggested to coat with 80-100lines roller and UV302 reverse base varnish.9. Shelf life :6 months; After the shelf life, if no appearance of any foreign body, and technical indexes is in qualified cases, then this varnish can be used continually.6.packaging:Iron bucket or black plastic barrel packing; net weight 20 kg / barrel.7.Storage method1. This product is flammable liquid, should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, best storage environment temperature is at 5-35℃, and must be long away from fireworks. And Storage period is 6 months.2. Avoid direct sunlight and heat, in order to avoid the UV varnish becomes gelling.8. Important information:1. the above information is determined under the specified conditions, it is aimed to provide general information on the use of our products. Therefore, it should not be considered as a guarantee for the application of the product.2. please read the MSDS data before using, different substrates may have different effects, please use the substrate to test and confirm the substrate is suitable for this process works. Any improper use ,we does not assume any liability. (All final interpretation right is reserved for the above information).

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