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Vacuum Flat-through Gates With Pneumatic ZVPlP

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Product Description
Vacuum Flat-through gates with pneumatic ZVPlP with conditional passages 250, 400 are designed to overlap vacuum systems at pressures from 1,33 • 10-3 to 1 • 10-5 Pa (1 to 760 • 10-5 mm Hg. Art.). Operating environment - air and non-corrosive gases. Electric power supply from the AC 220/380 V, frequency - 50 Hz. The shutter in the closed position to withstand the pressure drop 1,07 • 10-5 Pa (800 mm Hg. Hg.) from either side of the valve. The design allows for maintenance and repair without removing the valve. The shutter works in the installation position: horizontal slide gate down; horizontal slide gate up; drive vertically upwards; vertically down drive. Opening and closing of shutter when supplying compressed air to pneumatic actuators. Management is carried out with the air control panel.

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