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Vacuum Pumps Rotary Vane Type NVR

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Product Description
Vacuum pumps, rotary vane type NVR-0, 1D, NVR-1 2NVR 0, 1D, NVR-4, 5D, 5DM1 2NVR, 2NVR 60d, 90d 2NVR, 2NVR-250D is intended to pump air from the containment vessels and non-corrosive to the working fluid and non-toxic materials from which the explosion and fire gases, vapors and steam mixtures, previously treated by dropping water and mechanical impurities, with the oxygen content is not more than in air (21% vol), under normal conditions, from atmospheric pressure to limit the remainder at pressures in the outlet section does not exceed atmospheric over 9.3 kPa (70 mm Hg). Since rapidity of action between inlet pressure of from atmospheric to 0.26 kPa, 0.4 m3 / h (0.12 l / s).

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