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Vacuum Pumps, Two-rotor (Roots Type) NVD

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Product Description
Vacuum pumps, two-rotor (Roots type) NVD-200, NVD-600, are intended for pumping of air-tight containers with a maximum pressure of 106.7 kPa (800 mm Hg), air and non-aggressive to the materials from which the fire-explosive and non-toxic gases, vapor and steam mixtures peeled condensed moisture and mechanical impurities, the content of oxygen is not more than air (21% vol), under normal conditions, from atmospheric pressure to a residual limit. The pumps may operate only with the backing pump and the pump is designed for a pressure range of 1,3 • 102 Pa (1 mm Hg) to a residual pressure limit. The pumps are not suitable for pumping air, vapors and steam mixture from one to another volume.

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