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Vacuum Solenoid Valves CME

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Product Description
Vacuum valves with an electromagnetic drive CME orifices 25, 63 and 100 mm is intended to overlap the vacuum system of operating pressures in the range from 1 • 10-5 to 1,07 • 105 Pa (7,5 • 10-8 to 800 mm Hg . cent.) Valves are consist of a body with connecting flanges, bellows seals to ensure integrity of the drive member, the damper with a rubber gasket to cover the orifice, springs to ensure a tight seal on the seat assembly and switch the coil to put on hold the valve in the open position. To open the valve solenoid coil is fed directly from the mains voltage which after opening down to the value that ensures the required holding current electromagnet. Current electromagnet controlled thyristor controller. Valve is closed by spring return.

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