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Variable Gauge Stabilizer

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Variable Gauge StabilizerVariable Gauge Stabilizer is shorted for VSG, or called Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer.YBW hydraulic adjustable stabilizer is a new type of adjustable stabilizer for using on well drilling. It adjusts the diameter by pushing the piston under the mud pressure. When lifting up the drilling string, the piston of stabilizer retracts automatically to prevent block or stuck in the well. The adjustable stabilizer is a simple structure tool, has high abrasion resistance, wide diameter range, piston can be changed after wearing down. It can be used to increase the hole size, and especially suitable for directional well drilling and horizontal drilling.The hydraulic adjustable stabilizer consists of body, upper mandrel, spring, lock nail, lock nail seat, piston, clinohedral, lower mandrel, balance piston, tungsten carbide alloy etc.The piston retracts under the gravity force. It starts to work under the drilling pump pressure. The upper mandrel piston will go downwards to press spring and push the clinohedral downwards, then the diameter of clinohedral T groove will be extended to push the piston out. After release or decrease the pump pressure, the spring returns to push upper mandrel and make clinohedral to go upwards, then the diameter of clinohedral T groove will reduce to pull the piston to retract.Technical Parameter -- Variable Gauge StabilizerTypeBody OD(mm)Hole size(mm)Varied OD        (mm)BOX threadPin ThreadMax Pressure(Mpa)VGS21619757.2212~216NC46NC4640VGS24122271.4235~241NC50NC5040VGS31128576.2305~3117-5/8" REG7-5/8" REG40 If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by

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