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Varnish Fireproof "NEGORIN-LAK"

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APPOINTMENT The varnish fireproof is intended for processing of wood and products on its basis for the purpose of decrease in their fire danger. It is used for internal works. "NEGORIN-Lak" it isn't intended for floor processing as doesn't possess sufficient wear resistance. KEY ADVANTAGES • Provides 1 group of fireproof efficiency • Keeps and emphasizes natural structure of wood • Increases wood service life • Doesn't make harmful effects on people and animals EXPENSE For achievement of 1 group of fireproof efficiency it is necessary to provide an expense not less than 350 g/m2, without losses. WARRANTY PERIOD of OPERATION of a covering of 10 years from the date of drawing, at observance of conditions of drawing and covering operation. PACKING Tin bucket: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg.

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