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Vertical Carton Baling Machine

Product Description

The VB-30s carton baler also called vertical baler used for baling carton,cardboard,waste paper into density bales,the bale size designed for truck and container loading. The VB-30s comes one 30 tons pressing force pressing ram,the 5.5kw motor and 800mm length feeding door. Our VB-30 designed for safety operation like two buttons ejecting bale out. opening feedng door,the electrical power will be shut off etc. we sold around 100 units in the past 5 years and get the good reputation in the market.

● Large loading aperture
● Distortion free press ram, guidance on all sides - prevents one-sided load, reduces wear, averts follow-on costs
● Innovative handwheel door with lock device - protects the operator from sudden opening of doors.
● Reliable modern electronics with push buttons
● Low maintenance and long life electro-hydraulics - efficient and reliable


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