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Vertical Storage Tank

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Product Description
Mixing kettle Applicable for concocting finished products or mixing different phases of materials in coating, dyes, pigments, printing inks, pesticide and paper-making industries, etc. It can be fitted with many kinds of mixers, which are suitable for different working conditions. As per different requirements, the kettle is able to be made into many types such as vacuum type, normal-pressure type, pressure-proof type, cooling type, heating type and so on. Various blades as paddle, frame and anchor with low-speed running can be chosen. Also the kettle, normally with single layer structure can be made into normal -pressure type, pressure- proof type, etc. Technical specification      TypeDiameter      (mm)Height of kettle      (mm)Dispersing kettlePaint mixing kettleDispersing      kettlePaint mixing      kettlePower      (Kw)Speed      (rpm)Power      (Kw)Speed      (Kw)500L8001000106011.00~14501.11121000L10001250140015.00~14502.21122000L14001540157530.00~14504.01123000L15001880175037.00~14505.5884000L16002180212545.00~14507.5885000L18002235212555.00~145011.0886000L19002360247575.00~145011.0888000L20002720272590.00~100015.08810000L220028203050110.00~100018.565(mm)(mm)(Kw)(rpm)(Kw)(Kw)500L8001000106011.00~14501.11121000L10001250140015.00~14502.21122000L14001540157530.00~14504.01123000L15001880175037.00~14505.5884000L16002180212545.00~14507.5885000L18002235212555.00~145011.0886000L19002360247575.00~145011.0888000L20002720272590.00~100015.08810000L220028203050110.00~100018.565

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