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Vertical Vibrating Motor

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Introduction to TZUL vertical vibrating motorTZUL vertical vibrating motor is the new type motor products of our company. It adopts advanced single flange structure to make the machine much more exquisite and safer.Advanced single flange structure enables us to easily install and maintain,Website:, and meanwhile reduce the host weight, decrease the size of the host appearance, Simplify the structure of the host, lower the cost of the host, increase the handling capacity of materials.vibrating force of the vibrating motor is easy to adjust within certain realms, which helps to meet the demand of all kinds of work. We also adopts new type sealing technology and entry seal, which helps to improve the dampproof and dustproof property and enables the motor operating safely and stably in all kinds of dust and damp environment.main characteristics of TZUL vertical vibrating motor1、advanced single flange structure2、Low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency3、 High insulation and protection grade, dampproof and dustproof property4、Small volume, light weight, start quickly.5、The Parameter design accord with working characteristics,The machine runs more stably6、Special shatter-proof bearing7、convenient Installation& disassembly, Simple maintenance, long service life8、easy to adjust vibrating forcetechnical parameters& boundary dimension of TZUL vertical vibrating motorserial numbermodelvibration force (KN)Power      (KW)synchronous speed (rpm)mounting dimension(mm)boundary dimension(mm)φ2nφφ1φ3L1L2L311-410.1215001654121901382351608023-430.181854132101552701869035-450.2521061324516532021012048-4100.55235615270190353236140510-4201.1265818310220450300150615-4301.5265818310220460310170730-4402.2315822360265480317150850-4502.5380830445325610350220975-4753.7380830450325720420268

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