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Very High Bonding Acrylic Foam Tape

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If you are going to buy very high bonding acrylic foam tape from one of the best very high bonding acrylic foam tape manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a productive factory, SCS Tycoon Tech Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Very High Bonding Acrylic Foam TapeProduct Description1.Very soft and good durability acrylic foam is used in this product, not only to achieve superior adhesion but also high degree of durability and temperature resistance. With acrylic foam backing, it’s flexible and suitable for uneven surface. High performance in bonding products and provides engineered assembly solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. Ideal for replacing mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in permanent applications.Properties and Usage1.Good adhesion to metal, plastic, wood, glass surfaces.2.It is provided with soft physical property and can be adapted to the shearing stress produced by the bonding object to changes in temperature and displacement compensation.3.Suitable to fix and stick materials such as glass,metal, ABS, PC.4.The main application areas: scanner, waterproof cameras, mobile phones, elevators, traffic signs, air conditioners, office furniture, dabbers of communications equipment, final assembly of vehicles, building signs.

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