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Vibration Finishing Machine, Buffing Machine For Wood Parts

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Vibration finishing machineSpecificationsHigh quality  vibratory finishing machine from China.Low working cost and low priceCE certificated vibrator machine ..1. Structure:Vibration finishing machine  is composed of inertial vibrator, vessel,  electrical cabinet and basement.Inertial vibrator: This is the vibrating  source of the machine, it is composed Of vibratory motor, springs and eccentric  blocks.Vessel: The vessel is welded of annular  steel plate. It is lined with high quality wearable Polyurethane, to weaken the  noise and the bump of work pieces on vessel.Electrical cabinet: Operate the machine by  buttons on the control panel.Basement: It is weld of steel.2. Function:Vibration finishing machines are suitable  for deburring, descaling, edge radiusing, polishing, surface improvement, pre  plating finishing all types of components including fully machined parts in  metals& plastics.3. Working Principle:The Vibration finishing machine for Metal  Working has a ring chamber to hold abrasives and work pieces. When the machine  is working, it makes three-D high frequency vibration. The grinding stones and  the work pieces are rolling spirally forward and they are grinding each other  during the rolling. This makes the work pieces de-burred, chamfered, polished  and clean. To replace the traditional cloth-wheel polishing, the Vibratory  Finishing Machine for Metal Working can save a lot of spending on manpower, and  lower the cost of production. It can also be matched up with mass production,  improve and stabilize the quality of the products.MODEcapacitymotorelectricitymotor speedPU lining    thicknesssize(LXWXH)weight(L)(KW)(V/HZ)(r/min)(mm)(mm)(kg)GSJS-1501502.2380/5014506-151150X1050X900400GSJS-2002003380/5014506-201200X1180X920440GSJS-3003003.7380/5014506-201330X1330X1000560GSJS-4004003.7380/5014506-221500X1350X1050800GSJS-6006005.5380/5014506-221880X1800X14001500GSJS-90090011380/5014506-222150X2100X14502000

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