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Vortex Surface Finishing Machine For Stone

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Vortex surface finishing machine for stoneCharacteristics: a. High speed processing allows for finishing performance up to 10 times faster than vibratory machine and over 20 times than barrel machine b.Infinitely adjustable speed of the spinner c.Low noise, movement smoothly and stably. d.The working barrel is lined inside with hot poured high wear-resistant polyurethane for protracting working life.Application:1.The machine is particularly suitable for processing those small-sized work pieces with thicker oxide and larger burrs which are difficult to polish in vibratory polishers. 2.The flow-type polisher can give an ideal result within a short time in polishing such kind of work pieces and can increase the precision of the roughness by 2 grades, with the grinding efficiency being 10 times that of the vibratory polishers and 20 times that of the rolling-bucket polishers. 3.The machine can be widely used to grind various metal, plastic and ceramic work pieces, which have been processed by pressing, cutting, forging and heat treatment, for deburring, removing oxide and polishing. 4.It is especially a kind of ideal polishing equipment for the complicated and irregular parts and the thin sheet parts that are easy to deform.ModeCapacitySizeMotorWeightSpeed (RPM)Chamber dimension (mm)PU thickness (mm)(L)L×W×H(kW)(kg)WLM-60601000×660×11201.530050-18046022WLM-1201201740×900×1470460050-18064026

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