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Vulcanizing Agent Dtdm

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Product Description
Product SpecificationDTDM-80Pre-dispersed Polymer Bound ChemicalsFunctionVulcanizing agentProduct DescriptionCompositionMixture of 80% 4,4-dithiodimorpholine and 20%polymer and dispersing agentAppearanceGrey-white granulesDensity (g/cm3)Approximately 1.17Ash(%)Approxmately 3.00Sulphur content(%)Approximately 21.6Application NotesUseDTDM-80 can act as vulcanizing agent and accelerator.As vulcanizing agent,it has good scorch stability;as accelerators,the use level of sulphur can decrease properly.The rubber compounds can avoid blooming,pollution and discoloration by using DTDM-80.It can also increase fatigue resistance and aging resistance of the productsDosage3 - 5 phrPackaging25 kgs in carton box with polyethylene bag linerStorageKeep cool (below 25 ) and dry in original package.24 months from production date

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