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Warm Light Fin-tube Led Lights

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Country of Origin:   Henan (China)Delivery time::20Production capacity::10000 piece/piecesShipping port:QingdaoMOQ:1 piece/piecespricing term:L/CLED Street Lamp main technical parametersinput voltage:220vfrequency range:50-60Hzpower factor:88%LED luminous efficiency:>85mlLED initial flux;3570lmlamp’s efficiency:>90%average illumination:6m height:>14 lx8m height:>8 lx10m height:>5 lx12m height:>3.5 lxeffective illuminated area:                                                                               6m height:6×21㎡8m height:8×28㎡10m height:10×35㎡12m height:12×42㎡product description:LED street lighting is a semiconductor, with light-emitting diodes as a light source, because it is a solid cold light source, with environmental pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, made of LED lights. Heat Pipe monochromatic white light LED lights include heat-pipe type heat LED lights and warm white LED tube lights.Light emitting diode (abbreviated as LED) is based on a weak power semiconductor PN junction is formed of solid state light source can emit light efficiently, certain forward bias voltage and injection current injected into the hole injection P area and N area after the electron diffusion to the active region by radiative recombination to emit photons of light energy directly into electrical energy.LED lights features: 1. energy efficient under the same brightness than traditional incandescent energy saving 90%2. The health and environmental protection, no mercury, no UV and no electromagnetic radiation, no pollution3. durable, light aluminum body selected Seiko aerospace, transportation issues without fear of damage4. Long life, during normal use, long life of 50,000 hours, 10 times higher than traditional lighting5. high color, true color reproduction, clear vision to see objects without distortion6. The mosquito does not lead, no infrared, ultraviolet, which is not cited mosquitoesadvantage: 1. Reduce the speed of light the light fades: I produced using heat pipe radiator, the temperature of the LED can be instantaneously distributed out, good heat dissipation, effectively reducing the lumen of the speed of light, long lamp life.2. Light body with Transparent lighthouse, chic, simple process, easy to install.3. dustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant.4. The entire light pure aluminum production, good thermal conductivity, light weight, moderate prices.Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:Standard export package such as carton, wooden box, plywood box, wooden pallet and so onDelivery details: 10days after payment for sample order, and 25days for bulk orderKraft paper box packaging with one overall package customization, customized overall foam tube, 360 close protection, thick leather outer box waterproof, moisture-proof. After rigorous scientific testing repeatedly, can withstand the impact of 50 kg or less power!Wooden protection part of the business in order to save logistics costs, using only cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, eliminating the wooden packaging segment, which greatly increases the breakage rate.Using the latest embedded in the overall foam packaging based on multiple protection plus wooden packaging to ensure intact. Superior impact resistance, compression, shock, have to undergo a rigorous test before the factory fell, throwing high test, to ensure safety.FAQ 1. What is the MOQ?                                                                                           There is no MOQ in principle.2. What is the delivery time?                                                                               10days after payment for sample order, and 25days3. What is the shipping port?Usually QINGDAO port.4. What is the payment method?We can accept L/C, etc.

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