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Water-based Seal Priming Coating

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This water-based seal priming coating , adopting water as diluent, is made from water-based acrylic polymers and other functional auxiliaries. As an environmental-friendly and healthy product, it is non-toxic, odorless, nearly zero VOC content, free of harmful substances such as benzene series, free TDI and heavy metal. It makes use of the latest technical achievements and has high cost performance and strong competitiveness.Product features:1.Well-developed film and fine permeability2.Fast dry and strong adhesion3.Easy application and fine polishing property.4.It can also be used as banding coating.Application range: The product is fit to be used in renovation in household and public places and the decoration and protection of the surface of wood furniture, doors, windows, crafts, toys, wood cabins in villas and gardens and rattan articles.Appearance: semitransparent milk white liquid or colors designated by customerspH:8-9                                   Viscosity:90~110KU Density:1.00-1.04g/cm³        Solidity:≥45%Minimum film formation temperature:0℃Freeze-thaw stability: PassApplication condition:1. Surface treatment: the surface shall be smooth, clean, dry and free of grease and it shall go through the polish de-dusting treatment.2. Coating consumption: the area of one-time spraying and brushing is 12-13㎡/kg (theoretical value), and the actual coating consumption differs due to different application methods and flatness of base materials.3.Application methods: brushing and spraying4.Drying time: When at 20℃ in an environment with the relative humidity of 50%-75%, the drying time is 2-4 hours and it will be better to dry overnight.atters needing attention in application:1.Before application, evenly stirring the coating and diluting it with a small amount of water to the applicable viscosity and the water ratio shall be no more than 10%.2.Repeated brushing or spraying is required for the thin layer and the coating gap shall be longer than 2 hours.3.Application is not allowed below 5℃ and in an environment with the relative humidity above 85%.4.Storage condition: in shady, cool and dry places with the temperature above 5℃.Matters needing attention: 1.The water-based coating shall be applied as thinly as possible and the application gap shall be prolonged. The ground shall match the application to reduce abnormal application.2.Keeping it away from food, drink and animal food.If it accidentally contacts skin or eyes, they shall be washed with a large amount of water.

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