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Water Metalworking

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water metalworkingT6010 Synthetic Organic Grinding Fluid Additive PackageProduct Introduction T6010 is a kind of organic additive package developed for fully synthetic soluble grinding fluid, It can be used to blend fully synthetic grinding fluid.Excellent anti-wear, anti-rust performanceExcellent cleaning performanceNo abnormal odor, non-toxicityStable PH maintain and anti-bacterial performanceExcellent biodegradability, no inorganic salt componentExcellent hard water adaptabilityReference dosage End ProductDosageGood rust-proof performance 0.2-0.5%EP anti-wear fully synthetic grinding fluid2.0 :1 fully synthetic EP type      grinding fluid concentrated fluid20-40 :1 fully synthetic grinding fluid concentrated fluid10-20%SpecificationItemTypical ValueAppearanceRed brown transparent liquidFlash point (open),≥℃224Density, 20℃, g/cm3ReportPhosphorus content, %, m0.22Packing & Storage The product is packed in 200 liter metal drum(Net weight:200kg/drum). During the storage, ,loading and unloading and blending, the highest temperature should not exceed 65 ℃,during long-term storage, the highest temperature should not be more than 45 ℃. For other details, please check the related MSDS.

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