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Water Soluble Steel Grade Cas#7783-20-2 Price Of Ammonium Sulfate

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Water Soluble Steel Grade CAS#7783-20-2 Price of Ammonium SulfateProduct Detail:Product Name:Ammonium sulfateChemical Formula:(NH4)2SO4CAS No.:7783-20-2HS Code:3102210000Color:WhitePlace of Origin:China (Mainland)Transportation:20GP ContainerPackaging Details:50kg bagsDelivery Time:1-2 weeks after prepaymentPayment Terms:TT, L/C Product Description Ammonium sulfate, (NH4)2SO4, is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses. The most common use of ammonium sulfate is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur.ItemsSpecificationsUnitNitrogen20.5 Min%Moisture1.0 Max%Free Acid25 MaxPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details: 50kg bags or as customer's requestDelivery Detail: Prompt Shipment after order confirmedApplications:The primary use of ammonium sulfate is as a fertilizer for alkaline soils. In the soil the ammonium ion is released and forms a small amount of acid, lowering the pH balance of the soil, while contributing essential nitrogen for plant growth. The main disadvantage to the use of ammonium sulfate is its low nitrogen content relative to ammonium nitrate, which elevates transportation costs.It is also used as an agricultural spray adjuvant for water-soluble insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. There, it functions to bind iron and calcium cations that are present in both well water and plant cells. It is particularly effective as an adjuvant for 2,4-D (amine), glyphosate, and glufosinate herbicides. First Aid MeasuresEye Contact:Check for and remove any contact lenses. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Cold water may be used. Get medical attention.Skin Contact:In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water. Cover the irritated skin with an emollient. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Cold water may be used. Wash clothing before reuse. Thoroughly clean shoes before reuse. Get medical attention.Serious Skin Contact:Wash with a disinfectant soap and cover the contaminated skin with an anti-bacterial cream. Seek medical attention.Inhalation:If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention.Ingestion:Do NOT induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband. Get medical attention if symptoms appear.Competitive Advantage:Why us1. 18 years experience in chemical industry2. Supply full range of chemical material and work with many brother manufacturers3. Respond in 24 hours to enquiry, feedback and other requirements.4. Select the best shipping company according to different line.5. Claim about quantity should be issued out within 15days after the cargo arriving White quality

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