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Waterborne Alkali Resistant Sealing White Primer

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It is multifunctional alkali resistant sealing primer, which is exclusively designed for alkali resistance and salt resistance of exterior walls, to prevent the exterior wall paint blurring and whitening. It has a variety of functions such as: good permeability, strong adhesion, good sealing ability, water proof and the ability of allowing the moisture evaporate. So it is a widely applicable primer coating.Mainly applies toThe wall of various buildings, this coating use together with latex coating for alkali resistance and sealing, especially suitable for the strong alkali new wall.Feature Description1. It is a high-grade primer with small particle diameter, low viscosity, strong penetration, and good alkali resistance. 2. Having the respiratory function, it can prevent the bubble phenomenon of exterior wall coating.3. We can tune into the color of finish coating according to customer requirements, saving the dosage of finish coating and saving the costs.Product FeaturesWaterborne, matte, white/multicolor or transparent, monocomponent

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