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Waterlily Air Humidifier

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SpecificationsWaterlily, your favourite air purifier                      Based on the shape of a lily,symbol of love          Humidifying and moisturising for your personal care     Small and portable, accompanying you wherever you goI let you moisture, accompanying you like your shadow.              Small size, taking up 0.0005m3 of space                 Does not take much space, easy to carry,accompanies you everywhere you go, moisturize anytime                 Universal USB port, Unlimited use                        Can be charged using a computer's USB port, a mobile power bank,a phone charger, a car cigarette lighter receptacle.I let you enjoy a refined mist                           Although I am small, I can generate a more gentle mist compared to larger air purifiers                                    Just the right amount of mist you need                   Out of the mist  40mL/h.(+-10mL)                      One button control                                      Air purifier button easy to find, one click to start the moisturizing experience                                 Halo light to display the purification status                   Special 360 degree halo light, displays the machine status as well as decorating your interior                      1- A blinking blue light indicates standby mode,         2- A steady blue light means the Waterlily is starting the humification process

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