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Waterproof Honeycomb Activated Carbon For Gas Treatment

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Product Description  H2S removal Customized New Coal Based Molding Honeycomb Active carbon  Introduction  Honeycomb activated carbon is a type of environment-friendly activated carbon, which could efficiently eliminate volatile materials and bad smell, effectively treating waste gas and purifying air.  Advantages:  1. Large specific area, high adsorption  2. Small wind resistance, better adsorbing efficiency  3. Micro pore structures  4. Long endurance, more than 4 years  5. Clean and smooth appearance  Honeycomb Active Carbon Technical Data:MaterialHigh Quality Coal Based Activated CarbonBenzene Adsorption Rate>35%(Static State)Benzene Adsorption Rate>20%(Dynamic State)Wind Resistance490PaBulk Density380-450kg/m³Desorption Temperature4 years(no pollution,no sealing)Thickness0.5mm, 0.35-2mmHole Density50-300 pcs/in.2Positive Compression Strength>0.9PaSize100*100*100mm/50*50*100mm or per customizedWater resistance or Waterproof Honeycomb activated carbon Honeycomb activated carbon after water resistance treatment and the second firing, high strength, water resistance, resistance to acid, alkali characteristics, can be used in waste water treatment, organic solvent recovery adsorption, support the use of various catalysts.Honeycomb Activated Carbon Application:  Industrial gas treatment:  It has been widely used in poisonous and harmful gas treatment, such as formaldehyde, benzene, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene etc.  Indoor air purification:  Our honeycomb activated carbon are also applied for indoor air purification, such as waste air purification of restaurant, air-conditioner, refrigerator, copiers etc.Our warehouse

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