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Watertight 3-pin Plugs Hna

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Jiangyin Yangfan Ship Trading Co.,Ltd is one of the best watertight 3-pin plugs hna manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can get watertight 3-pin plugs hna free sample and buy discount products from our factory.Watertight type plug and receptacle with earthing contact for use on the circuits of lights and small electric appliances rated 250V or less. Synthetic resin made body will be furnished unless otherwise specified for materials such as cast iron or brass.CODETypeBody MaterialNo. of PinRated Capacity792801 7928021MA 1MBStraight AngleSynthetic Resin3250V 20Amp.792803 7928042MA 2MBStraight AngleSynthetic Resin4250V 20Amp.Note:M denotes that the body is made of synthetic resin. A denotes straight plug. B denotes angle plug.

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