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We10 Hydraulic Solenoid Operated Directional Valves

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Directional valves with wet pin DC or AC solenoids, type WE10..L3XType WE valves are solenoid operated directional spool valves. They control the start, stop and direction of flow.The directional control valves consist of housing (1), one or two solenoids (2), the control spool (3), and one or two return springs (4).In the de-energised condition the control spool (3) is held in the neutral or initial position by means of return springs (4) (except for pulse spools). The control spool (3) is actuated via wet pin solenoids (2).To guarantee satisfactory operation care should be taken to ensure that the solenoid pressure chamber is filled with oil.The control spool(3) is moved to the expected position by solenoid(2) and pushing rod(5), and this gives free-flow from P to A and B to T or P to B and A to T.When solenoid (2) is de-energised, the control spool (3) is returned to its neutral position by means of the return springs (4).The solenoids may also control the control spool (3) by an optional override button (6) under the de-energised condition.For application in voltage pulsation, solenoids with large scope voltage are recommended. For application in high protective grade, waterproof plug should be used.Type 4WE10 .. L3X/OC ... (Only for symbols A, C and D)This version has 2 switched positions and 2 solenoids without detent, one of the solenoids must be energised and the spool position is not defined when the solenoids are de-energised .Type 4WE10 .. L3X/OFC ... (Pulse spool, only for symbols A, C and D)This version has 2 switched positions, 2 solenoids and a detent. Both switched positions are thus fixed alternately and so it is unnecessary to continually energise the solenoid.Cartridge throttle (type4WE 10 ... L3X/.../B ..)The cartridge throttle is necessary since actual flow may be larger than the performance Iimits of the valve during switching process.This cartridge throttle is inserted in the P channel of the directional control valve.WE10...L3X.pdf

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