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Wholesale Customized Super Strong Permanent Deep Pot Magnets

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Among those famous deep pot magnets manufacturers, it is a professional supplier in China, welcome to wholesale strong magnetic lifter, powerful magnets pot, high power magnets pot, deep pot holding magnets, deep cylindrical magnets pot from our factory.Introduction of Deep POT MagnetsDeep POT magnets are magnetic holding assemblies composed of magnets (Usually NdFeB, SmCo and AlNiCo magnets) and other spare parts, such as metal, plastic, rubber and other components. The magnet sits inside a steel case which provides extra strong magnetism on only one face and protects the magnet from damage. Such strong deep cylindrical magnets POT work by concentrating the flux from both magnetic poles to one active face with metal or brass backing shields.These powerful magnets POT usually have tapped hole in the back for mounting and lifting, with removable steel hooks and eyebolts.GME can design and manufacture a wide range of deep Pot magnets as per clients’ requests.Features of Deep POT MagnetsThese deep POT holding magnets with metrical internal threads are designed to be screwed together with object that have a suitable external thread. The deep pot magnets concentrates the holding force onto the holding surface and shields all the other surfaces from the effect of the magnet.· NdFeB Deep Pot Magnets: Maximum pull strength with small size.· Ferrite Deep Pot Magnets: Used for corrosion resistance, marine, low cost and higher temperature applications.· Alnico Deep Pot Magnets: Used in higher temperature and corrosion resistance applications.· SmCo Deep Pot Magnets: Used for extreme temperature applications and marine/corrosion resistance applications.Bi-pole POT MagnetsBi-pole POT magnet, also known as a sandwich magnet system, has a thin magnet in the center with two mild steel poles on each side, surrounded by a shell. The two steel poles on the sides of the magnet concentrate the magnetic field lines, making the magnet stronger than a standard magnet.Specification of Deep POT MagnetsPot magnets are high strength rare earth magnets in a mild steel cup which provides extra strong magnetism on one face only and extra protection against chipping or cracking.Deep POT Holding MagnetsItem Code POT Magnet Coated Pull Force Material A B C (N) POTA03-45CFe374525M6AlNiCoRed Paint180POTA03-08Fe3788M3AlNiCoZn5POTA03-9.5Fe379.515M3AlNiCoZn8POTA03-9.5AFe379.515.8M3AlNiCoZn8POTA03-10Fe371010M3AlNiCoZn8POTA03-12Fe371216M5AlNiCoZn15POTA03-12AFe371216M5AlNiCoRed Paint15POTA03-12BFe371217M3AlNiCoZn10POTA03-12CFe371217M4AlNiCoZn10POTA03-12.7Fe3712.715.8M4AlNiCoZn15POTA03-12.7AFe3712.715.8M5AlNiCoRed Paint15POTA03-16Fe371620M4AlNiCoZn18POTA03-17Fe371720M4AlNiCoZn18POTA03-17.5Fe3717.515.8M6AlNiCoZn25POTA03-17.5AFe3717.516M6AlNiCoRed Paint25POTA03-17.5BFe3717.516M6AlNiCoZn POTA03-20Fe372024M4AlNiCoZn42POTA03-20AFe372024M6AlNiCoZn42POTA03-20BFe372016.2M4AlNiCoGr POTA03-20CFe372024M6AlNiCoZn POTA03-20.6Fe3720.619M6AlNiCoZn40POTA03-20.6AFe3720.619M6AlNiCoRed Paint40POTA03-24Fe372430M5AlNiCoZn80POTA03-25.4Fe3725.421M10AlNiCoZn100POTA03-27Fe372725.4M6AlNiCoZn60POTA03-27AFe372725.4M6AlNiCoRed Paint60POTA03-27BFe372725.4M6AlNiCoRed Paint POTA03-27CFe372725.410-32AlNiCoRed Paint POTA03-32Fe373240M8AlNiCoZn180POTA03-35Fe373530M8AlNiCoZn150POTA03-35AFe373530M8AlNiCoZn150POTA03-35BFe373520M6AlNiCoZn180POTA03-35CFe373520M6AlNiCoRed Paint180POTA03-35DFe373542M6AlNiCoZn200POTA03-35EFe373542M10AlNiCoZn200POTA03-35FFe373530.1M6AlNiCoZn180POTA03-45Fe374530M8AlNiCoZn250POTA03-45AFe374530M8AlNiCoRed Paint250POTA03-45BFe374544M10AlNiCoZn240POTA03-45CFe374525M6AlNiCoRed Paint180POTA03-45DFe374544M8AlNiCoZn240POTA03-50Fe375040M8AlNiCoZn250POTA03-50AFe375040M8AlNiCoRed Paint250POTN03-10Fe371010M4NdFeBNi POTN03-15Fe371515M4NdFeBCr80POTN03-19Fe37198M5NdFeBNi135POTN03-20Fe372015M4NdFeBCr120POTN03-20AFe372010M3NdFeBNi170POTN03-28Fe37289.5M6NdFeBZn250POTN03-30Fe373010M6NdFeBNi200POTN03-30AFe373025M8NdFeBNi POTN03-33Fe373322M6NdFeBCr POTN03-38Fe373810.5M6NdFeBZn500POTN03-40Fe374015M6NdFeBNi500POTN03-40AFe374020M6NdFeBNi500POTN03-40BFe374030M8NdFeBNi POTN03-45Fe374516M8NdFeBZn450POTN03-50Fe375040M8NdFeBNi POTS03-15Fe371515M6YXG26Ni POTS03-22Fe372220M6YXG27Ni92Bi-pole POT MagnetsApplications of Powerful Magnets POTThe deep POT holding magnets are versatile magnets which are designed for various industrial applications. They are often used in many assemblies and fixtures. GME POT Magnets are guaranteed to have strong magnetism, optimal performance and longevity.The internal threaded hole runs the entire length of the deep POT magnet, which  allowing maximum thread contact between the internal threaded hole and a screw or bolt, for secure clamping. This allows the deep POT magnets to be used on dirty and uneven surfaces.Other Custom Pot Magnets/Mounting Magnets

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