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Wholesale Natural Crystalline Flake Graphite - Graphitewholesale.com

Wholesale Natural Crystalline Flake Graphite

Product Description

We source high quality natural crystalline graphite, or flake graphite, for worldwide delivery at competitive prices. Carbon content and mesh size can be customized to your specifications.

Every ton is individually inspected and certified. Unlike some wholesalers, we do not mix and match products from different origins.

Our suppliers are reliable, certified ISO 9001, and produce myriad grades to meet the various needs and applications required by current global demand.

Our current product line includes:

• Coarse Natural Flake: greater than 180 microns, 80 to 99% Carbon, +30, +50, +60, +70, +80 mesh sizes

• Fine Natural Flake: less than 150 microns, 72.0% to 99.9% Carbon, +100, +140, +200, +325 mesh sizes

• High purity micronized grades with particle sizes (d50) of 3 to 60 microns, at 99.5% (and higher) Carbon content

• GPC (Graphitized Petroleum Coke), or granulated graphite powder, from 0.42 to 9.5mm at 92% to more than 96% Carbon

• High purity expandable (or expanded) grades with diverse particle sizes and expansion indexes

• High purity natural graphite grades with high conductive physical properties usually associated with synthetic/artificial graphite

Price range is from US $ 425.00 to 2,425.00 depending on the type, grade/purity, your location, delivery terms, etc.

We currently have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 20 metric tons, which will fit inside a 20 foot dry cargo container.

Please contact us with detailed information on your specifications, applications, nearest port location, preferred delivery & payment terms, to help us prepare a customized quote for you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Company Info

Contact Person:
Gino Foti


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