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Wide Angle Fresnel Lens

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Wide Angle Fresnel LensIntroduction:Reflective Fresnel wide-angle lens is widely used in banks ATM (automatic teller machine), bank windows, security and car mirror that need expand perspective areas. This kind of lens has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, wide visual range, good impact resistance, etcFeatures:1, The shape of the plane mirror (the thinnest 1mm), same effect with the convex mirror, non spherical aberration, clear imaging and small deformation.2, Cutting into any shape.3, Surface with strengthening coating (hardness 6h) to increase hardness and prevent from wind and sun, ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, good anti scratch performance; On the aluminum membrane surface, it has protective paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof for various environments.4, On the back side of the mirror, 3M double-sided adhesive is pasted, easy to use.Installation method:1, the wide-angle lens to be attached to the plane no irregularities. Prior wipe dirt, moisture, oil, dry.2, and then back to the wide-angle lens release paper peeled off, attached want to stick at.3, pressing firmly and evenly wide-angle lens surface, confirm the wide-angle lens have been affixed to live, it would have been attached to the top.4, you can use a mild detergent to clean it with a clean cloth to dryProducts List:Wide Angle Fresnel LensPart No.MaterialSize (mm)Focal Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Groove Pitch (mm)FRL4429PMMA44*2935020.35FRL5435PMMA54*353501.50.35FRL6040PMMA60*4035020.3FRL6450-1PMMA65.3*49.535020.3FRL6450-2PMMA65.3*49.535020.35FRL6530PMMA64.5*29.53501.80.35FRL8554PMMA84.5*53.63501.50.3FRL7447-1PMMA74*4735020.3FRL7447-2PMMA74*4735020.35FRL11838PMMA117.8*37.82801.80.3

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