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Window Air Conditioner Pe Foam Insulation Panels

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Products features:l PE foam+pure aluminium foil (coated aluminum foil)l Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heatl Excellent fire propertiesl Excellent acoustic insulating propertiesl Environmentally/Eco friendly and fibre-freel Fall-arrest properties (able to support two tonnes for every metre attached)l Anti-slip properties make it safer for installersl Compliance with the latest insulation standardsProduct Descriptionl Foam Dimension-the thickness ,width and length ,they all can be customize.l Foam color-Foam is color-coded during the manufacturing process for meet customer needs,normal colored black and white.It can be customized as long as you advise the Pantone Num.l Normal thickness of one foaming1-10mm,and can be reached to 100mm after lamination.l Normal width in1000mm,1200mm,1300mm,1500mm.l Normal length in50m,100m,150m,200m.Product TestingDensity (kg/m3)Shore Hardnes  (°)Water Absorbtion                     (g/cm2)23℃±2℃,24hThermal Conductivity     (w/m.k)200±3060-70≤0.2≤0.095125±1550-60≤0.2≤0.084100±1045-50≤0.3≤0.07366.7±835-45≤0.3≤0.06550±630-35≤0.4≤0.05540±425-30≤0.4≤0.04933.3±318-25≤0.5≤0.04528.6±313-18≤0.5≤0.040Company InformationWe are committed to developing,manufacturing and selling cross-linked PE foam.Over the years,we have developed 3 production bases in Shenzhen,Hangzhou,Chongqing,and 8 production lines of all kinds,with annual production capacity of 4000tons.Our ServicesCYG TEFA offers the best solution for polyethylene foam production based on long experience in the developing ,manufacturing PE foam.All the service are focused on quality of products and satisfied our customer.

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