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Wipe Short Path Distillator

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Product Description
Wipe short Path DistillatorProduct functionWipe short Path Distillator is a vertical cylindrical shape. Mainly by the rotor, scraper, built-in condenser , with the heating jacket of cylindrical evaporation chamber (main cylinder), inlet and outlet valves, separation tube and so on. Options of rotor type (wipe film unit) are available, such as moveable scraper blade, hinged scraper blade, elastic scraper blade, roll film, limit hinge scraper blade, fixed scraper blade and knife-type scraper blade. Product featuresHigh heat transfer coefficient , good evaporation, short dwell time and low evaporation temperature.Extremely small pressure drop, high working vacuum, great operating flexibility and adaptability.Use the precision double-end mechanical seal to maintain the vacuum degree.Inside surface of evaporator is polished to provide a smooth finish.A unique anti-splash mechanism is equipped in the evaporator to prevent the secondary mixture of liquid and gas effectively.A specific distributor in the evaporator produces uniform film.Close distance between evaporating surface and condensing surface reduces the kinetic resistance of gas and separate materials better.Standard Specifications and Overall Dimensions规 格      TypF      (m2)A      (mm)B      (mm)C      (mm)Di      (mm)DO      (mm)W      (Kg)DZQ-0.50.526151063750400500680DZQ-11286513131000400500100DZQ-223820195615285006001600DZQ-44515245324006007002400DZQ-665385287724288009004000DZQ-8866513481302890010006750DZQ-1010681826513228100011006595DZQ-1515759345334400120013508380DZQ-20208498543348001400155010630DZQ-25259355554354901500165014500DZQ-303011044665366001500165017800DZQ-505012860879580102000215028000F: evaporation surface area   W: net weight* Data in the table are standard specifications.  We can provide the special design to your working conditions.  Respect the final drawings for all dimensions and weight.Schematic Drawing of Short Path Distillator                           Moveable scraper blade                              Hinged scraper blade                                 Elastic scraper blade Roll film blade                                   Limit hinged scraper blade                                         Soft blade We provide options of scraper blades to different materials and various technological requirements.Three-stage module conjugated linoleic acid projectDomestical largest lactic acid line successfully starting working.

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