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Wire Belt Bucket Elevator

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Introduction to TG series steel core belt bucket elevator productTG type steel core belt bucket elevator is a new generation of product developed by our company based on digestion and absorption of new foreign technology and combination with domestic production practice. TG type steel core belt bucket elevator is widely used in ascension of loose materials in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry among lifting equipments.Functions and characters of TG series steel core belt bucket elevator:1. Wide hoisting range. TG series bucket elevator can lift all kinds of powder, granular and block (30 mm) materials, whose temperature is 120 ℃ or less.2.High hoisting height. Due to strength of the steel wire belt and smooth operation, the TG series bucket elevator single hoist height can be up to 100 m.3.Great hoisting capacity. TG series bucket elevator can improve 32-686 m3 / h4.Long service life and good reliability in operation. Advanced design principles guarantee the reliability of the machine running, high strength steel wire rope as traction parts ensure the elevator run efficiently for a long time. Long-term practice proves that this elevator trouble-free running time can be up to 30000 hours.5.Small power consumption  TG series bucket elevator can save energy consumption by more than 30% compared with common elevator.6.Convenient operation and maintenance, less wearing parts, maintenance costs reduce more than 80% than the general bucket elevator.  7.Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, less investment8.Good sealing, no environmental pollution9.Small mechanical size. Mechanical size of TG series bucket elevator is smaller than other kinds of elevator with the same lifting amount.Technical parameters and specification of TG type steel core belt bucket elevator:Specification ParametersTG160TG250TG315TG400TG500TG630TG800TG1000delivery value  m 3 /h327096143206329451686 HopperCapacity371016253965102Pitch of Buckets( mm )260325360410460520580650Weight of Long Hopper and Belt per Meter( Kg/m )223333.242.262.378.53106145Lifting Speed m/s1. Lifting Height100mNote: when the hoisting height is over 80 m,it needs special design

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