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Wire Bonding Butyl Clay

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Product Description
Product  Model No  Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of Origin Wire Bonding Butyl Clay 698 butyl 9003-27-4 BiPb Shanghai,China 1、Description Wire bonding butyl clay is a type of solvent-free,non-drying sheet、roll and block sealing material which is made of butyl rubber.Meet the Emission Test and Requirement for the Materials and Components in Vehicle. Permanently non-solidation,because of its flexible and conformable,it shows good performance on waterproofing and insulation properties. 2、Application Area: Used in the wire bonding automotive electronics, commercial appliances and it also can work as insulating,sealing and waterproofing.Remove the release paper,wrapped the wire and compact it. 3、Advantage 1.Non-solidified, excellent elastic deformation and good flexibility.,thus have good sealing; 2.Non-toxic, odorless, no corrosive, environmental friendly; 3.good self-adhesive performance, easy application; 4.No flowing under high temperature,no cracking under low temperature. 4、Storage: Shelf life is 24 months. This product is non-flammable materials, but don’t store them near the heat source, and prevent them from direct sunlight in order to avoid distortion.

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