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Wireless Headset

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Equipped with productive wireless headset factory and company, Fenghuo Hongsheng is one of the leading China wireless headset manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to contact us.Head-mounted wireless phone is a concentration of wireless communication technology, digital modulation technology and anti-noise technology for the integration of wireless products. Applicable to the high noise environment short distance wireless communication between staff.the component of productwireless headset               1set;Lithiumion battery charger       1set;Lithiumion battery             2set(One of the backup battery);antenna                      1set.product characteristics and the main functionProducts using the digital speech enhancement technology, microphone can be sensed in noise environment noise signal filtering, using full-duplex mode and call voice activation, that words can be completed at the same time send message function, receive an unlimited number of user and using the technology of voice PTT said without any operation, easy to use, communications within the product group, allow at most four people talking at the same time.Also the products with channel selection, volume control, voice prompt operation, the battery voltage detection, since listening, and other functions, has a strong confidentiality, voice communication and flexible, high system stability, voice clarity and high fidelity, etc. Main Technical Specifications:Operation frequency band:900MHz;Power supply:DC3.6V Lithium-ion battery;TX power≥20dBm;volume: 5channel number:10;continuous working time≥8h;transmission distance≥500m(open area);audio output≥90dB;earmuffs sound insulation quantity≥25dB (315Hz~8000Hz);working temperature:-25℃~45℃;storage temperature:-40℃~60℃;max. dimensions:280mm×270mm×260mm;weight:≤450g(No batteries).

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