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Wireless Repeater

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wireless repeaterUse:Side of the side of a button is to learn the key to trigger learning, and then refer to the remote control or other parts of the learning mode, the lights flashing three representatives in the study.1.If he distance get too long between the alarm host and sensors, it will results in wireless signals didn’t be transferred well, you can use this wireless repeater to solve this problem.2.You just need to install this wireless repeater in the suitable place between alarm host and sensors, and just make the antenna out,  then  connect the power..3.If the distance between the alarm host and sensors get too long, you can put this wireless repeater in each long distance place.4.If the wireless repeater didn’t get signals, LED light won’t be on, and it will be on for 2 seconds if get signal successfully.5.Normally, the distance for wireless repeater to get\transfer signals is 20 to 30 meters, so, the signals can be transferred from sensors to alarm host successfully if within this distance.Notes:1.You can’t put two or more wireless repeater in the stated distance (As above point #5), or else, it will result in host panel can’t get signals successfully because of frequency interference.2.When wireless repeater get signals successfully from sensors, it will help to transfer signals to alarm host after 2 seconds, so,  the more wireless repeater you used, the more time it will be took for the signals transfer from sensors to alarm host.

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