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Wireless Socket

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wireless socketFeature:1.Exquisite appearance, microcomputer intelligent control, stable and reliable;2.5-way learning, up to 5 transmitters in each learning channel;3.GSM SMS control, APP control, compatible with Android and iphone;4.Independent control, alarm linkage control;5.With Manual control switch function;Technical Parameters:1.Power: 110-240VAC2.Working current: Static: ≦ 20mA Dynamic: ≦ 100mA3.Wireless frequency: 868 MHz4.Size:105x65x36mmPictures and product description:Indicator lights descriptionTypePowerSocket power-off indicator lightInstallStatelightsofflightsofflightsoffIllustrateMains normalMains OffPower connectpower socketStart installExit installOperation uses:Connect the power ,buzzer "beep" sound, long power indicator light, to enter the work state;A.Work with Alarm hostindependent controlSocket Power TypePower onPower OffAPP controlTouch the power on iconTouch the power off iconSMS controlchannel 1password + 31 Channel 1password + 32 channel 2password + 33 Channel 2password + 34 channel 3password + 35 Channel 3password + 36 Channel 4password + 37 Channel 4password + 38Socket statusBuzzer "beep" sound,      Socket power-off indicator light long brightBuzzer "beep, beep" twice,      Socket power light goes offPs:APP and GSM SMS can’t control the five-way switch, because it belongs to the alarm linkage control;A. Alarm Control: The host alarm would automatically connect linkage socket when it rings; and joint socket power off when the alarm stop or disarm the host .Note: The implementation of this feature, the host must learn to configure the wireless smart socket 5 way;B. supporting the use of the remote control: 1.press the remote control "emergency key" buzzer "beep" sound, long-outlet power-off indicator light, power socket conduction; 2.press the remote control "disarm key" buzzer "beep, beep" twice, outlet power light goes off, disconnect the power socket; PS: The implementation of this feature, the remote control must learn to configure the wireless smart socket 5 wayC. manually force control the use of: 1.according to the mandatory socket power button, buzzer "beep" sound, long-outlet power-off indicator light, power socket conduction; 2.according to the mandatory socket off button, buzzer "beep, beep" twice, outlet power light goes off, disconnect the power socket;The increase or decrease in learning how to operate: Description: 1.wireless smart socket for learning five-way, each can learn connected with five launchers, automatic cycle cover; 2.the number of five-way button and start learning by learning key corresponds to the first one by a road; press twice for the first two-way, the following tableInstall1 channel2 channel3 channel4 channel5 channelControl TypeIndependent controlIndependent controlIndependent controlIndependent controlAlarm linkage controlLearning the start button is pressed times12345PS: After the first button, buzzer "beep" sound, learning long bright lights; after each time you press the buzzer are "tick" sound;Increase configuration operations: 1.touch the start button to begin study, choose the channel first, and then click the Enter key learning buzzer long "beep -" sound into learning State; 2.triggering the transmitter twice to get configured, learning success when the buzzer gave five sound "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep" PS: a.if the buzzer only gave two "beep, beep", while the learning lamp off, means learning configuration failed and should re-operate; b.learning to wait the longest 15 seconds, until automatic exit after learning the state, "beep, beep" twiceDeletion configuration operations: Press the start button to learn more than five seconds then release, wireless socket "tick" sound, after learning the indicator flashes once extinguished, deleted successfully; PS: This action will delete all the configuration has been successfully learning transmitter;

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