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Wireless Water Leakage Detector(with Lithium Battery)

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Wireless water leakage detector(with lithium battery)Application:High-rise building, central air conditioning, basement, water tanks, engine room, boiler, water, water towers, cellar, pool, swimming pool, water room, solar energy, artificial lakes, fish ponds, fountains, pure water, water-soluble, pressure water containers, water tray all storage devices on the ceiling, the floor, etc., and need to know the following leakage or overflow areas, etc. Feature:1,Intelligent control, eliminate false negative, to prevent false positives, stable and reliable; 2,wireless connectivity, flood monitoring, on-site high-decibel sound and light alarms; 3,AC, DC, with backup rechargeable lithium battery, power can be used normally; 4,can learn to match 20 wireless flooding probe; 5,scalable output control signal, automatically turn off after the alarm valve function; Technical:Wireless detector1.Power supply: 100 ~ 240VAC   2.quiescent current: ≤ 25 mA 3.Alarm current: ≤ 250 mA     4.Alarm volume: ≥ 95db 5.the alarm time: 1 minute     6.back-up battery: Lithium battery 3.7V / 800mAh 7.charging time: ≥ 8 hours    8.Standby time: ≤ 6 hours9.the radio frequency: 433M    10.matching the number of wireless sensor flooding: 20 11.Dimensions: 105 * 65 * 35 mm...Flood probe:1.Power: 12V battery (alkaline 23A)  2.launch distance: ≥ 150 meters (open area) 3.life: ≤ 2 years                   4.Low voltage warning: strobe lights Install:1.Fixed wireless flooding probe mounted in a suitable position detection; 2.Connector power the alarm buzzer "beep" sound, warning light flashes four times off, enters the standby state; 3.Turn the behind the switch to open the battery status; 4.when the wireless flooding probe after leakage or overflow is detected, the alarm sound and light alarm instantly spot, one minute in duration; Wireless study(install)Increases configuration: Click the button to learn, a long bright warning light entering learning state, twice with short fingers or water flooding probe , warning Lights flashing five times off, success in learning;Note: If no signal is received within 15 seconds of any study into the learning state, then automatically exit learning state;Delete configuration: Press the learning button for 5 seconds and then release, after warning lights flash once extinguished successfully deleted;Note: After the deletion operation, all have matching wireless learning immersion probes will fail;

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